Wilcox Limousines are proud to have created the first call Hearsettes® (Funeral Removal Vehicle).

A Hearsette® is a funeral removal vehicle. The funeral vehicle is incredibly versatile as Wilcox have modified the vehicle and created a specially built deck for the rear. This enables it to be a twin deck funeral removal vehicle, or the deck can be partially folded, allowing one rear passenger, or simply folded into the boot or removed completely – all this takes just seconds to do!

The Hearsette® allows the busy Funeral Director to have a versatile family car and a funeral removal vehicle all in one vehicle.

Together with British Car Manufacturers we manufacture the Ford Tourneo Hearsette®, Ford Mondeo Hearsette® and Ford Galaxy Hearsette®, all vehicles have been specially modified by Wilcox and come with the high gloss laminate deck.

Video of the New Ford Tourneo Hearsette®