About Wilcox Limousines


Celebrating Wilcox Limousines Tradition of Excellence

Wilcox Limousines are Coachbuilders established 68 years ago in the UK. They have the largest selection of new and used Funeral Vehicles in Europe, and are the market leaders providing Hearses, Limousines, Private Ambulances, Removal Vans and Hearsettes based on Jaguar, Vauxhall, Volvo and Ford vehicles.

paul_wilcoxWith three branches in the UK: The North in Lancashire, The Midlands in Northampton and the South near London there is a wide selection across the country. Wilcox Limousines are the only coachbuilder able to offer such a wide range of choice. Recognised for their constantly innovative designs, creative flair and years of experience guaranteeing first class vehicle designs.

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