New Jaguar hearse for FW Spilsbury Funeral Directors


New Jaguar hearse for FW Spilsbury, family-owned funeral directors with offices in Malvern. Here we see Georgia receiving the keys to FW Spilsbury’ s new Jaguar Hearse from Malcolm Brooks Wilcox Limousines Sales Manager.

FW Spilsbury was founded in 1875 this family run business has been looking after Malvern and surrounding areas for over 130 years. They decided to update to the Jaguar hearse because is very stylish and practical, we are very happy with our new Hearse Georgia said. The Jaguar Hearse is a 3.0 diesel, with a large deck and great viewing windows either side allowing plenty of space for the coffin and flowers to be shown to their very best.

Paul Wilcox Managing Director at Wilcox Limousines said how good it was to continue to provide Georgia and Mum Jo with their new hearse, and would like to wish them well with their business.